УДК: 330.1:631

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2021-3-26

Nadiia Bahan
PhD student in the Department of Economics and International Economic Relations,
Poltava State Agrarian University

JEL classification: Q15

Abstract Introduction. The article is devoted to the issues of efficient use of resources of agricultural enterprises. Based on the study, the proposed ways to improve the efficiency of resources of agricultural enterprises, which will form a system of measures for efficient resource consumption, resource saving and resource conservation.

Results. The article improves the methodological approach to integrated assessment of resource efficiency of agricultural enterprises of Ukraine, which provides an integrated assessment of economic, social, environmental and overall efficiency of all types of resources, carried out through the normalization of groups of unit coefficients by modified principal component. The matrix approach to determining the strategy of improving the efficiency of resource use of agricultural enterprises has been improved. The organizational and economic mechanism for improving the efficiency of resources of agricultural enterprises, which takes into account the peculiarities of land, labor, material, financial, information and time resources, the impact of external and internal factors, regulatory functions of agricultural entities at the macro and micro levels, and has adaptive properties for the possibility of prompt adjustment and use of elements of this mechanism.

Conclusions. The study made it possible to determine the current overall integrated level of resource efficiency of enterprises in order to further predict it by methods of linear and dynamic regression; improve the matrix approach to determining the strategy based on the projected level of integrated assessment of economic, social and environmental efficiency of resource use and develop an organizational and economic mechanism to improve the efficiency of resource use of agricultural enterprises.

Keywords: resources, economic efficiency, social efficiency, environmental efficiency, integrated efficiency assessment, resource strategy, organizational and economic mechanism, technological factors of resource conservation, constructive factors of resource conservation.


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The article was received 20.07.2021