УДК: 336:330.341.4

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2020-3-23

Nadiya Rushchyshyn
PhD in Economics, Associate Professor,
Department of Financial and Economic Security and Banking Business,
Lviv University of Trade and Economics

JEL classification: O10; G21; G28


Introduction. The article outlines the features of modern functioning of the banking system in Ukraine in the context of supporting high-tech industries. It is generalized that banks, as a rule, cooperate with businesses that are financially stable and solvent, able to repay their debts quickly. That is why the implementation of the state policy for high-tech industries support in Ukraine is an integral part of building a competitive national economy, ensuring its stability and development.

The purpose of the article is to substantiate directions and methods of bank support for formation and realization of high-tech sectors potential in the national economy of Ukraine.

Results. The sectors of the economy of Ukraine, according to the criterion of their manufacturability and role in the economic growing of the state, are clarified in the article. It is concluded that the strategic directions of Ukraine’s economy are high-tech industries with a high share of value added, such as: the field of information and communication technologies, software, pharmaceutical industry, production of high-precision optical medical equipment, aerospace industry. The directions, tools and methods of realization of the state policy of bank support for formation and realization of high-tech branches potential in the economy of Ukraine are defined. The main tools for the development of bank lending, which are focused on taking into account the sectoral specifics of strategic areas of management, are institutional-regulatory, fiscal-investment, financial-economic, structural-managerial, organizational-methodical, social-psychological and information-communication.

Conclusions. The results of research have shown that high-tech sectors of the economy require the development of adequate tools to stimulate its development as a strategic driver of structural reforms and the formation of expanded reproduction processes in the national economy. It is substantiated that the fundamental basis for the development of bank lending in strategic sectors in the economy of Ukraine is the formation of a high level of public confidence in the activities of the banking system.

Key words: structural reform, potential of the banking system, high-tech industries, instruments and methods of state policy, economic system, structural transformations, strategic priorities of state policy.


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The article was received 15.07.2020