УДК 331.101.3

Tetiana Oleksandrivna KYRYCHENKO
Senior Lecturer of the Department of Foreign Languages, Sumy National Agrarian University


Introduction. The modern stage of world economic development is characterized by the expansion of economic activity, which is accompanied by the erosion of national barriers and the increasing openness of world markets through the development of international business. Both in the global market and in the domestic, the leadership of companies is ensured by the effective use of human resources that determine the uniqueness of business structures in the market environ-ment and thereby allow companies to improve their competitiveness in the current environment.

The purpose of the article is to determine the place of human capital in the personnel management system of agrarian enterprises in the integration processes activation conditions.

Results. The main directions of improvement of organizational-economic and legal principles of human capital development in the system of personnel management of agrarian enterprises are given, which include economic, social and legal principles, which are decomposed into corresponding components. The organizational factors include such implementation in the activities of the company which provides a high level of production organization and use of resources, including human. Economic factors include the following, when applied at enterprises that can obtain more high-quality, highly skilled labor resources, personnel who can work, applying all their skills, all potential, will be interested in their work and as a result will affect the effective operation of the company, providing for him profit and competitiveness. Among the legal principles of development are identified local regulations on personnel management, the application of methods of legal regulation of labor and the Laws of Ukraine on labor and economic activities.


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The article was received 24.09.2018