УДК 336:338.22(330.341.4)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2020-4-9

Nadiya Rushchyshyn
PhD in Economics, Associate Professor,
Department of Financial and Economic Security and Banking Business,
© Надія Михайлівна Рущишин, 2020
Lviv University of Trade and Economics

JEL classification: O10; G21; G28


Introduction. The article presents the features of modern functioning of the banking system in Ukraine. The attention has been focused on the necessity to maximize the potential of the banking sector as a basis of future socio-economic growth of the state.

The purpose of the article is to determinate of strategic priorities of the state policy for implementing the potential of the banking system in ensuring structural reforms in the economy of Ukraine.

Results. The conditions of reconstruction of active lending to the real sector of the economy are determined. Modern basic and specific tools of state regulation of the Ukrainian banking system are defined. Among the most important basic tools are: improvement of legislation on the functioning of the banking system, the financial services market, the development of collective investment institutions; improving monetary policy; increasing the deposit base with increasing confidence in banking institutions; resumption of long-term lending to the economy; improving the processes of forecasting economic and financial activities; liberalization of the investment process of non-residents in the Ukrainian banking system, etc. It is summarized that among the most important groups of strategic priorities of the state policy of using the potential of the banking system to ensure structural reforms in Ukraine’s economy are improving the institutional framework of the banking system’s impact on socio-economic development, financial stabilization of the country’s banking system, strengthening financial security through monetary policy, lending and investing, favorable investment climate, de-shadowing of financial flows and increasing transparency of financial and economic relations.

Conclusions. It is summarized that the comprehensive implementation of certain strategic priorities of the state policy of the banking system by using modern basic and specific tools will strengthen the positive impact of the banking system on the implementation of structural reforms in the economy of Ukraine.

Key words: structural reform, potential of the banking system, modernization of the economy, financial security, economic system, structural transformations, strategic priorities of state policy.


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The article was received 03.10.2020