УДК: 330.161

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2021-2-14

Artur Shatarskyi
Postgraduate Student of the Department of Criminal Law and Procedure
and Law Enforcement, Western Ukrainian National University

JEL classification: O22


Crisis processes in the development of enterprises of network structures are caused, first of all, by inefficiency of management. In this regard, in response to modern challenges of economic development, network management systems are being transformed, and innovative, non-traditional approaches to management are gaining popularity. One of them is the project approach. Its application in the management system of the organization leads to their transformation, which directly affects, including the management of economic security. Therefore, in modern conditions, this control subsystem also requires restructuring using the tools of the design approach. However, in practice this is difficult to do due to insufficient formation of the relevant scientific and methodological apparatus. The article examines the substantive characteristics of the concept economic security, as well as substantiates the application of project approach in the context of strengthening the economic security at network structures. On the basis of which the ratio the main components of economic security of enterprises at network structures and procedures of the project approach is offered. A comprehensive study of the types matrix structures. The algorithm of providing an effective combination of process and project activity of enterprises at network structures with the separation of certain stages is substantiated.  Summarizing the above, we note that the proposed methodology allows to adapt the process of economic security taking into account all its components on the basis of traditional methodology (threat detection, assessment, response, monitoring) to the project approach (achieving the goal in limited resources), which allows you to take full advantage for the activities of the enterprise in the context of effective regulatory and legal functioning. The system of indicators allows monitoring of threats and countermeasures based on the applied organizational structure.

Keywords: economic security of enterprises at network structures, project approach, process approach, structure of enterprises, matrix structures.


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The article was received 10.04.2021