УДК 631.1:334 (477)

Serhii Volodymyrovych GROSHEV
Chief Specialist – Legal Adviser,
State Treasury Service Administration in Kyiv district of Kharkiv city of Kharkiv region

JEL classification: Q10; Q12; Q15; Q18


Introduction. Transition of the Ukraine’s economy to market is followed by transformation of an economic mechanism, changing of forms and methods of managing. Nowadays the group of farms is one of the most numerical among the formalized economic agents in the agrarian sector of economy that predetermines need of the evidence-based analysis of their activity.

Purpose. The goal of the research is to analyze the dynamics of farms’ development in Ukraine.

Methods. Such methods are used during the research: monographic, historical, analysis and synthesis, constructive, graphic.

Results. The complex analysis of farms’ development dynamics is carried out. It is shown that the first farms in Ukraine arose in 1988-1990 was caused by exclusive operation of the administrative mechanism and favorable state agrarian policy based on the best agricultural enterprises and rapid development of farming till 2000. The tendency to farms system streamlining for 2005-2017, optimization of their sizes mainly due to rent of land shares is defined. At the same time, such factors determine this tendency like: a competition, accumulation of experience for farms management, competences forming by farmers on the rational organization and conducting intensive agricultural production and sale of finished goods. It is confirmed that despite a large number of farms their place in rural economics of Ukraine remains insignificant until now. In 2017 they produced only 8.7 % of agricultural production (in 2010 prices) of all categories of economic agents and 15.5 % of agricultural production of agricultural enterprises. The crop production is equal to 93.5 % in the structure of farms gross production of where the greatest part is made by grain and sunflower seeds. The share of livestock for 1990-2017 is low and in general does not exceed 2.0 % in value terms and 3.5 % in natural terms. It is shown that further farms development in Ukraine based on institutional transformation of rural households into family farms is extensive. The intensification is possible only due to granting farms by the state means of support and also by their reorientation to the principles of smart-specialization.

Keywords: farm; farming; development; land resources; agricultural production.


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The article was received 05.08.2018