УДК 33:338

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2020-2-15

Dmytro Mykolaiovych RYABETS
Postgraduate student, Black Sea Research Institute of Economics and Innovation

JEL classification: І00; І11; І18; І19

Introduction. At the current stage of economic and social development in Ukraine, characterized by high levels of uncertainty, economic instability, deteriorating financial situation of the state and citizens against the background of the emergence and exacerbation of risks of epidemics, the processes of strategic health planning significantly complicate.
The purpose of the article is to form the conceptual foundations of strategic management of healthcare.
Results. It is determined that taking into account the intersectoral relationship of the healthcare system, as methods of reforming, it is appropriate to consider the spread of corporate economic activity within the system, on the basis of cooperation between government, community and business to achieve health goals.
Conclusions. It is proved that the creation of corporate networks of the healthcare system at the regional level can be considered as a diversification of economic activities and sources of funding. The model of corporate governance in the national healthcare system should be based on the spread of partnerships (corporate) relationships, which are layered on the elements of process modeling in the healthcare system. Corporatism, as a kind of social organization of public relations, allows us to focus more on solving the problems of the healthcare system. In addition, it is important to use public-private investment partnerships, which involve cooperation between business authorities and the community to attract investment for health development. This variant of partnership is the most correct for the healthcare system of Ukraine, because then the content of partnership as a diversification of funding sources in the healthcare system is revealed, and the issue of funding is the most important to ensure the national healthcare system. Thus, the expediency of using the integrated possibilities of corporatization and public-private partnership in improving the investment climate of the national patient-centered healthcare system becomes obvious.
Keywords: strategy, strategic management, healthcare, conceptual model.

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The article was received 24.03.2020