УДК: 338.439.02:631.17

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2019-4-10

Postgraduate student, Poltava State Agrarian Academy

JEL classification: C21; O13; Q15


Introduction. The important task of management is research of conceptual bases of modern range of problems of land using efficiency providing that is formed by certain limit nature in the result estimation of economic resource using that make the theme of research actual.

The article purpose is research of conceptual principles of effective land using organization of agricultural enterprises.

Methods of research. The solution of the tasks put in the article is carried out by means of such scientific and special research methods as: analysis and synthesis, systematization and generalization, dialectical approach, economic and mathematics.

Results. It is proved that the efficiency of land using in agricultural production is limited by the property and investment capacity of economic entities. Programming the effectiveness of agricultural land using is to develop the concept of optimizing the economic activity structure. The conceptual model of the mode choice of land using intensity with the optimum agro-ecological investment activity is presented, and the economic activity for the crop production on each unit of land resources and the corresponding agro-ecological investment activity are launched in time.

Conclusions. An economic activity must be estimated on the basis of index, select from basic criterion positions. As a result of solving the economic-mathematical problem at the strategic level, the agricultural enterprise will receive large-scale tasks for the production of certain types of finished goods in the required volumes and the corresponding production resources. In this case, the volume of final production and material resources of the industry will act as a limitation of the sectoral economic and mathematical problem.

Practical importance. The main criterion for land using optimization has been established, which allows us to focus on the strategy of maximizing the sustainable development effects, based on the interests of all participants in agro-industrial production. The main principle of optimum development is to ensure maximum effect when using scarce resources.

Keywords: management, conceptual principles, organization, efficiency, land using, agricultural enterprises.


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The article was received 12.09.2019