УДК 339.13.024

Tetiana Anatoliivna VORONIUK
postgraduate student, Yuriy Fedkovich
Cernivtsi National University


Introduction. The article is devoted to the research of the coffee shop concept as a kind of specialized restaurants in the context of the present. The work defined the place of coffee houses in the general structure of the restaurant industry. The definition of the «coffee shop» has been modified and the classification of this type of establishments has been developed. The peculiarities of the phenomenon of «third wave» coffee houses are described and the prospects of this sphere of management are substantiated.

Purpose of the article is to determine the place and role of coffee houses in the overall structure of the restaurant industry.

Results. It has been investigated that coffee shops occupied a significant share in the total set of restaurants. It is established that at this stage of the domestic economy development coffee houses serve as one of the most dynamic directions of the restaurant industry development and are an important component of the hospitality industry in Ukraine. It is determined that the distribution of coffee culture and consumer awareness in this area makes coffee business a promising direction of activity for Ukrainian entrepreneurs. It is determined that today the concept of a «coffee shop» is gaining a new meaning – it is a restaurant, where is offered a wide range of high quality coffee beverages, various types of coffee as traditional as well as alternative methods of cooking and full awareness of the barista on the origin, level and freshness of roasting coffee beans, as well as the intricacies of the taste of each of the options. The classification of coffee houses according to various classification features is proposed. The necessity for this type institutions to be focused not only on current problems, but also to develop a long-term strategy for further development is substantiated.

Conclusions. Coffee houses today are institutions of the restaurant industry, where coffee is a special product and is preparing for a qualitatively new level with an individual approach to each client. Establishments that position themselves as coffee houses become an integral part of the hospitality industry and require further research on maintaining competitive positions for the long term.

Key words: restaurant industry, restaurant, coffee shop, types of coffee shops, coffee market.


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The article was received 05.10.2018