DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2019-4-38

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Ph.D.,
Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies

JEL classification: P 48; R 11; R 51


Introduction. Strategic planning is a type of management activity, the content of which is to define and substantiate development goals and priorities for the long term and to develop mechanisms to achieve them, which will allow to ensure the effective functioning of the system (organization, sector / sector, region, national economy) on the basis of its adaptation to the changing conditions of the external and internal environment. Due to the fact that the processes of regional development in most territories of the country today are significantly influenced by the development of particular industries, where the agricultural sector occupies a prominent place, it is necessary to investigate the peculiarities of the formation of their development strategy.

The purpose of this article is the research of peculiarities of strategy formation of agrosphere development in regions of Ukraine.

Results. The general trend of agrosphere development in the Ukrainian regions is related to changes in the structure of agricultural production. Further development requires resolving existing contradictions and conflicts of goals, a revision of the regions’ specialization, which can solve the common problems of the agrosphere. The system of methods for managing the formation and implementation of the development strategy of the regional agrosphere includes: organizational and economic methods, administrative and managerial methods, socio-psychological methods and regulatory legal methods. The methodology for strategic management of the regional agrosphere development should be based on the principles of improving interaction between the region, administrative regions and the agrosphere. The role of local authorities at the level of administrative districts in choosing strategic directions for the development of the agrosphere should be enhanced, and national and regional authorities should move to framework management methods.

Conclusions. It is substantiated that the formation of agrosphere development strategy should be based on the study of patterns of regional development, specialization and functions of the region in the national system of division of labor, key external factors influencing the processes of socio-economic development of the region. The basic principles for the formation and implementation of a regional strategy for the agrosphere development, allowing for many scenario planning are as follows: the team of developers in terms of quantity and quality depends on the level of strategy: for the territory / region, for the authorities, for the agro-sphere; the main way of organizing planned work: administrative, partner, outsourcing; nature and content of participation of regional authorities: propaganda, affirmative, full; a way of financing the development of the strategy: internal reserves, budgetary funds, grant, mixed financing.

Key words: strategy, planning, development, agrosphere, regional development, investment attraction, government support.


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The article was received 17.09.2019