УДК: 332.1

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2021-4-17

Volodymyr HRYNIV
Precarpatian Vasyl Stefanyk National University

JEL classification: O18; R11; R58


The article describes the results of a multidimensional comparative analysis of the socio-economic potential of the regions of Ukraine, both the strongest and weakest ones. The concept of research based on categories such as change and structure is used. The changes occurring in the structure of complex objects and systems are studied. These changes can affect the quantitative results, and thus increase or decrease certain characteristics of the object, as well as the qualitative aspect, i.e. the creation of new properties of the object. The process of socio-economic development is characterized by a lack of uniformity in space. Due to different conditions and changes in internal and external factors, development processes do not occur with the same intensity in each area. Thus, based on research, it is determined that in Ukraine there is uneven regional development, which is due to the high differentiation of economic activities and heterogeneity of the economic structure of the territories. All this justifies the need to improve the measures and levers of state regulation of regional development and create effective mechanisms to reduce its disparity. The results of the analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the region according to the proposed set of 26 indicators, grouped in the following modules: economic policy, labor and taxation, family and social policy, stimulating activity, are represented. Thus, the heterogeneity of regions is observed both in the development of a particular region and in comparison, with other regions of the country. Such inequality significantly affects the functioning of the state, the structure and efficiency of the economy and socio-economic policy. This leads to an increase in the number of depressed regions and the growth of interregional contradictions. Taxonomic analysis of spatial differentiation of the level of socio-economic development in Ukraine is used. Gaps in the socio-economic level of development in the regions were found for assessment based on multidimensional analysis. The analysis gives an accurate and deep idea of the socio-economic development of the regions.

Keywords: socio-economic potential, regional development, economic development, spatial differentiation, heterogeneity of regional development, innovations.


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The article was received 27.09.2021