УДК: 65.9

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2022-1-14

Nataliya Basiurkina
Doctor of Economy, Professor, Head of the Department of Business Management,
Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies
Alina Hrishchenko
Postgraduate student of the Department of Business Management,
Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies
Oleksandr Laskaiev
Assistant, Postgraduate student of the Department of Business Management,
Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies

JEL classification: L14


The article reveals the essence of creativity as a mechanism of business management and the reasons for the importance of using such creative mechanisms in the enterprise. It is stated that creativity accompanies innovation, increases productivity, allows to adapt to the external environment, for example, the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as it is necessary for enterprise growth, skills that staff can obtain; it can be an integral part of the whole organization activities. The paper examines the Scamper technique, which is used as a method of brainstorming in the development and improvement of processes, ideas, products in the enterprise. Scamper technique is a system of questions in different directions, after the answers to which, companies will be able to change the situation. It is established that at the stage of replacement, you can look for a replacement for everything, any problem or task, combining will lead to a combination of existing, unrelated ideas, where the solution already exists, but from another area of experience. The modification phase may be a new look at the most important components of the concept of organizational processes, products, services, or problems, another use is often a great idea to solve more problems than before. The article represents the steps that a company and its management can use to bring a special product to market. Using Scamper’s creative thinking method, the company can identify those products that need innovation, identify their functions, properties and with the help of components of the methodology to answer questions, repeat these steps several times, thus gaining more innovative product ideas. As SCAMPER can create new solutions, ideas, products and services, as well as create a new environment for thriving innovative trends in the current business environment, it is an invaluable tool for brainstorming and creativity.

Keywords: Scamper technique, creative mechanisms of business management.


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The article was received 12.12.2021