УДК 658.5

Alvina Ivanivna ORIEKHOVA
PhD in Economics, Associate Professor,
Department of Economic Control and Audit,
Sumy National Agrarian University


Introduction. One of the most important tasks of the current stage of market relations is to ensure the sustainable development of agrarian production, capable of ensuring food security of the country. The agrarian production is carried out with high energy and livelihoods per unit of production, with significant losses of already produced products. A successful solution to this problem requires the mobility of all factors of agricultural development. A separate role in this issue is given to the production potential of the enterprise. One of the conditions for effective business activity, in a competitive environment, is the reliable identification and assessment of its production potential. Without this, it is impossible to adequately elaborate the strategy of the enterprise, determine its objectives, efficiency of operation, etc.

Purpose. The purpose of the article is to study the analysis of the production potential state of agribusiness subjects.

Results. It is proved that the efficiency of production potential using is determined by the ratio of the production results to resources, and the criterion of efficiency is the maximization of the production result with a minimum of resource costs. The analysis of the production potential state of agricultural business entities of Ukraine allows us to state that the share of production assets, fixed assets in the total value of the property of the enterprise for the period under investigation has been reduced. A similar situation is with regard to fixed assets. The current situation is negative, as it shows a decrease in production opportunities of the subjects of agricultural business in Ukraine as a whole, reducing the production potential. It is proved that determination of directions, mechanisms and tools for increasing the efficiency of using the production potential of agricultural business subjects depends on many different factors affecting it, as well as on the overall strategy of enterprise development and the forecast state of certain conditions for the implementation of production and economic activity. In this regard, regular analysis, operational detection of hidden reserves and their effective use contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the company and its successful development in the long run.

Conclusions. The achievement of high indicators of the production potential using of agricultural business entities is possible only by ensuring the rational interaction of all factors – the resources of each level of production. Achievement of this goal is possible only when assessing the efficiency of the existing production potential using and further developing a set of key measures aimed at increasing the efficiency of production in general.


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The article was received 05.10.2018