УДК: 338.486.3/.6:640.42

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2021-1-17

Oleksandr Halachenko
Doctor of Economic Sciences, Doctor of Economics of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Management of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management
Tetiana Nezveshchuk-Kohut
PhD of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department of Technology and Organization of Hotel and Restaurant Business, Chernivtsi Institute of Trade and Economics of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
Oryslava Hrafska
Doctor of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Department of Hotel and Restaurant Business, Lviv State University of Physical Culture named after I. Bobersky
Nazariy Popadynets
PhD of Economic Sciences, Senior Researcher of Department
of Regional Economic Policy at M. I. Dolishniy Institute of Regional Research of NAS of Ukraine
Nataliia Biloshkurska
PhD of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Associate Professor at the Department of Marketing, Management and Business Management
Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University

JEL classification: L83; Z32


Introduction. Nowadays, in light of numerous proves of the COVID-2019 pandemic impact on the tourism industry and hotel management, the negative trends in the activity of companies in the industry are observed. The issue of helping the companies remaining on the market in their development is a logical one. The inflow of investment resources is among essential conditions of the hotel industry, which is possible due to the search for sources of funding to help new companies in the industry by upgrading their material and technical base and developing professional personnel. Therefore, comprehensive research of the processes of supporting the hotel industry companies is needed to promote their development in instability and crisis.

The paper aims to research the peculiarities of the hotel industry companies’ activity in crisis phenomena and the ways to support them.

Results. The paper analyzes scientific studies that are the basis for the research idea and outlines the main directions of the hotel industry development. The retrospective and current condition of the hotel industry in Ukraine and its main development trends are represented, including the analysis of the industry structure (number of the hotel industry companies; hotel capacity and room size; number of staff, etc.). The peculiarities of the territorial location of the hotel facilities and conditions influencing their functioning are characterized. The investment attractiveness of the hotel industry in Ukraine is examined.

Conclusions. The paper substantiates the nature and peculiarities of support of the hotel industry development in crisis phenomena. It offers a range of marketing and managerial measures directed at developing a quality information framework for the hotel industry, which is of utmost importance in conditions of overcoming the consequences of the COVID-2019 pandemic.

Keywords: company, hotel industry, tourism, services market.


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The article was received 14.01.2021