УДК: 332.1:330.322

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2021-4-7

Graduate Student of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University

JEL classification: E22; O18


It is substantiated that the concentration of economic activity determines investment attractiveness, that is why there are bilateral relations between these two economic categories, ie attractiveness determines concentration, and concentration means attractiveness. The essence of the concept of “investment attractiveness” has been studied, which allowed to establish a close relationship with the development potential of the region. It is determined that due to the multidimensionality of economic categories “investment attractiveness” and “potential of regional development”, they partially describe the same problem, ie opportunities for regional development. It is proposed to define investment attractiveness as the probability or scale of investments, with the potential of development as a resource and the degree of use of factors that determine development at the regional level, so it can be argued that investment attractiveness is a significant incentive to develop its potential. Since investment attractiveness is identified with the competitiveness or competitive advantages of the region, it is outlined that regional competitiveness is a derivative of investment attractiveness, and through the process of competition it also affects its final dimension. It is determined that investment attractiveness is a certain way of perceiving space, which in most cases means a relatively objective assessment of the level of socio-economic development of regions according to selected criteria and weights, thus, it is calculated as a synthetic value. It is established that the regions compete on the level of their investment attractiveness in attracting investments and creating development opportunities, as these are the factors that determine their further development opportunities and level of socio-economic development. Therefore, a relatively higher attractiveness for the region means a greater likelihood of achieving the goals of competition, which is to improve living standards and expressed in the growth of specific areas of socio-economic life, particularly through investment inflows or domestic investment activities.

Keywords: investment attractiveness, competitiveness, region, evaluation.


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The article was received 09.10.2021