УДК 330.341:331.1

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2019-4-30

Sergii Volodimirovich SELIKHOV
Graduate Student of the Department of Management and Logistics,
Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies
Algorithm of managerial innovations implementation at the winemaking industry enterprises

JEL classification: O13; Q16


The cost of modern innovative methods in winemaking requires finding ways to optimize the use of enterprise resources and reduce production costs. Another effective way is to introduce process innovation.

The purpose of the article is to substantiate the feasibility of implementing managerial innovations in wineries and to determine the algorithm for assessing the readiness of the environment for their implementation.

The directions of introduction of managerial innovations are considered. The types of managerial innovations in the field of personnel management are presented: recruiting, personnel audit and personnel coaching. The experience of foreign countries in the managerial innovations implementation is considered. Aspects of the analysis of the need for managerial innovations implementation are identified: as a tool and as a consequence. The introduction features of product and technical and technological innovations are determined. The definition of the concept of «organizational lag» has been given, which reflects the implementation of industrial innovations in the old management structures and methods, which reduces both their efficiency and the enterprise as a whole. The role of communication process in the enterprise management system is considered. The algorithm of communication aspects estimation of managerial innovations implementation at the enterprises by organizational, information, technological, social and psychological subsystems is presented. The role of the organizational management structure and the information subsystem in providing effective communications is presented. The role of the human factor in the communication process is defined. Using the developed algorithm will allow to identify bottlenecks in the communication process and to determine ways of overcoming them.

Depending on the problems identified, their depth, importance and urgency, various measures may be taken to improve the enterprise communication system and approaches to regulating staff work: economic stimulation, adjustment of the social and psychological climate in the team, conflict resolution, professional development and training in terms of preparing staff for innovative changes etc.

Keywords: management, innovation, communication, organization, personnel, enterprise, algorithm, socio-psychological climate, conflict, labor productivity, efficiency.


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The article was received 20.08.2019