The Journal «Ukrainian Journal of Applied Economics and Technology» (Certificate of state registration of the print media series КВ № 24956-14896ПР dated 19.08.2021) is a scientific publication. Articles published in Ukrainian and English (according to the author’s original text) and necessarily accompanied by annotations submitted indicated two languages.

Journal has four editions a year, each edition size 20-30 printing. pp., size 60х90/8. Field distribution – nationwide. Categories of readers: scientists, teachers, post-graduate students.

The «Ukrainian Journal of Applied Economics and Technology» contains articles of theoretical and applied nature on topical issues of economic modeling, business diagnostics, strategic planning, asset management and enterprise value, competitiveness, pricing, enterprise potential management, foreign economic activity, international economy, economic security and logistics, investment and innovation, principles and methods of management, leadership and leadership, organizations culture, personnel management, modeling of economic processes, risk management, state regulation of the economy, forecasting economic development and more.

Founder and Publisher:

West Ukrainian National University

(according to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 25.08.2020 № 1077 on renaming Ternopil National Economic University)

It comes out four times per year

It’s established in January 2016

The legal address of founder:

46009, Ternopil, 11 Lvivska Str. (TNEU Building 1)

Location of editorial office:

46009, Ternopil, 11 Lvivska Str. (TNEU Building 1)