УДК 330.1:338.2

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2020-1-4

PhD, Associate Professor, Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics

JEL classification: D24; G31


Introduction. Today, the Ukrainian economy is in a recession. Therefore, the need for government intervention in the socio-economic development of the economy is relevant. This measure is designed to stabilize the activities of economic agents that can produce innovations and improve the quality and standard of living of the Ukrainian population. This activity requires coherent coordination of economic entities on issues of capital accumulation.

The purpose of the research is to analyse the tools used by the state for the regulation of fixed capital reproduction. In carrying out the study, methods of retrospective analysis, generalization, comparison, and content analysis were used.

Results. The result of the study is the reproduction ways development of fixed capital. The proposed list of state regulation instruments, which is aimed at accelerating the investment development of the Ukrainian economy, should be considered as the scientific novelty. Only in this case is it possible to renew production capital. The practical significance of the research results lies in their possible use in the formation of the state amortization policy. Prospects for further research are the development of depreciation policies for the economy sectors and the creation of reserves for innovative development. Stimulating the modernization process will increase the share of new capacities, which, respectively, will lead to an increase in their use and to an increase in the efficiency of domestic industrial production.

Conclusions. A radical renewal of the production potential of Ukraine is possible only if the following conditions are met: a consistent state policy to improve the investment climate, reduce investment risks, create stable conditions for economic and investment activity, strengthen the investment potential of modern domestic enterprises and accelerate the investment development of the Ukrainian economy.

Keywords: depreciation policy, investment development, fixed capital, state regulation, reproduction.


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The article was received 18.12.2019